miércoles, octubre 24, 2012

CULTURE OF SUICIDE in Gitte Bohr - Berlin

This evening from 19:00 is the opening of my project "Culture of Suicide" in Gitte Bohr - Club für Kusnt und politisches Denken. You can attend the presentation of my project and the relation with the rest of my art work during the Open Talk.

Extract from the text about my work written by Gitte Bohr's crew: 

"The Spanish artist Raisa Maudit will present her on-going project "Culture of Suicide" in the form of an installation in Gitte Bohr's rooms in West Germany.
The project investigates the socio-economic context of the rising suicide rate, especially in southern Europe, at the time of the economic crisis. Suicide is mostly perceived as an exclusively private matter, and therefore its connection to the larger social and economic situation is often ignored. Not least in the light of late capitalism and the current crisis situation these interrelations become increasingly visible.
Work related suicide is a phenomenon that by now is quite well known. The Japanese have a word for it: karoshi. In Europe, an example is the wave of suicides among employees in the company France Telecom in 2008-9. In contemporary work structures, there is an increasing pressure on the individual to invest her person and conform to the work structures – not just physically, as was the case in industrial capitalism, but also mentally. These structures are not only present in some work places: they are seen society-wide in an increasing individualisation, economisation of all areas of life, and not least in an anomic work / life balance.
The normalizing forces of contemporary work ethics expand the boundaries of the sphere of work: the feeling of being inadequate can apply just as well to the demands of work as to unemployment. As ever, the work ethic of late capitalism provides the parameters for the judgment of the self. The “ghost of uselessness” (Sennett) lurks at the lower end of the career ladder, while at the upper end, the free fall in the form of crashes and bankruptcy threatens. Insecurity commands the stage, putting every one under its spell, whether working or not.
In Gitte Bohr, Raisa Maudit will present a sound installation, aiming to incite the public to write "suicide letters" that reflect on socio-economic pressures and expectations and their influence on their own lives. The archive of these (anonymised) letters will be used for public interventions, mailings to financial institutions, etc. Her aim with the art project is to inform about this often ignored and tabooed problem and incite reflection and action."


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