martes, septiembre 11, 2012

PRÓXIMAMENTE: Cultura Del Suicidio: Lisboa

El jueves a las 19:30 en Espacio Flausina:

Installation. variable dimensions + open session / talk by Raisa Maudit
+ CapeCod som vs. Plástico Visuais "ALYINGEIGHT"

What does "suicide" mean? What does it involve on a social/political level? Suicide is socially understood as any behaviour (conscious or unconscious) one or more individuals do in hopes of ending their lives. By analyzing suicide rates and history in relation to our contemporary context we can say that there is a "fissure" between expectations and the State of Well-being. Right now there are 1 million suicides every year (and 20 million attempted suicides). And in Europe, after the beginning of the economic crisis; the rate of suicide has been growing rapidly. For example: Every day there are two suicides in Italy and nine in Spain. It’s a contemporary paradigm that remains socially and politically silenced. This project is designed to study the causes of this situation, create awareness and incite action.

Culture of suicide is a sound installation that interacts with the public with the intention of inspiring them to write "suicide letters" about what they find oppressive in their lives and expectations. All these letters will be part of different archives in a web site (currently under construction) and will be used for various other purposes (public interventions, massive mailings to banks and institutions, etc) Also, the artist will hold an open talk with the public to explain different ways of understanding suicide–how it is defined in other cultures as well as her own personal experience–so the public can reflect on what they know about, and their relationship with suicide (like suicide in their family, friends etc.) "


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